Terms of Use of Means Test Calculator

  • This Calculator is applicable to waiver application of eligible persons.
  • If patients / applicants intend to apply for medical fee waiving, they can use the Means Test Calculator (the Calculator) to make a preliminary estimation of their household financial eligibility for medical fee waiving.
  • Financial assessment should be conducted by Medical Social Worker (MSW) / Social Worker (SW) of Integrated Family Service Centres and the Family and Child Protective Services Units of Social Welfare Department (IFSCs / FCPSUs of SWD) for each medical fee waiver application on a household basis. Patients / applicants can approach MSW or SW of IFSCs / FCPSUs of SWD during office hours for related enquiries / assessment.
  • The Calculator can only compute your household financial eligibility based on the financial figures that you have entered. The result of the assessment is for reference only and does not guarantee that you will be granted for the waiver. In a formal application, applicant must bring along the originals, as well as the copies of the relevant supporting documents. MSW may request other documents or contact related family members for verification of information when necessary.
  • Before you start, you are advised to visit “Waiving Mechanism of Public Hospitals” of the Hospital Authority(HA)’s website and read the related patient information leaflets.
  • All the information entered in the Calculator will not be submitted to the HA. You may immediately print it out or save the Calculator data into your computer device as reference.
  • The currency indicated in the Calculator is Hong Kong dollar. Please disregard the decimal point and enter the value as integer dollars.
  • The HA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the self-assessment of your household financial resources provided by the Calculator, and any loss or misrepresentation incurred by its use.